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Gluten-free professional catering

Bar & Travel.

The Schär Foodservice gluten-free products enable bars and the travel catering sector to offer a wide selection of gluten free meals and snacks with no extra effort, thus allowing them to rapidly respond to customer’s wishes and meet current market demands. We are constantly improving our product range with a view to this specific target group, to enable you to satisfy your customers at all times as well.

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Foodservice Mix

1 kg 

The universally usable gluten-free flour is a must for every professional kitchen.

Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Lactose Free

Gluten-free preparation


1. use gluten-free products,

especially those that are naturally gluten-free or made from gluten-free ingredients (e.g. products from Schär Foodservice).


2. Store separately

and always keep everything in specially designated, labeled and sealed containers.


3. own preparation areas

use these areas exclusively for the preparation of gluten-free food. If this is not possible: in any case, prepare gluten-free before gluten-containing and clean the workplace.


Foodschärvice Academy

Become gluten-free experts for your guests! Secure this growing target group now and stand out from the competition.


News & Events
always up to date

Ongoing updates for all gastro professionals. Schär Foodservice informs you here about news, seminars, events and trade fairs on the subject of coeliac condition.


The best
for your guests

Request now and we will organize the right supplier of gluten-free products for your business.