You can present yourself as a gluten-free pro

Support materials
for your communication activities.

Come discover our communication materials to raise the visibility of your gluten-free dishes. Additionally, our information materials clearly explain everything you and your guests need to know about gluten-free nutrition.

Schär Foodservice offers professionals in the food processing sector comprehensive consulting and support prior to and after the sale of your gluten-free dishes. We will help you not only to better understand coeliac disease, but also show you how simply it can be to enrich your menu with gluten-free dishes. At the same time, we will support you in effectively communicating gluten-free dishes to your customers – many of whom suffer from coeliac disease or are gluten-sensitive. This will aid you in gaining new customers and enhancing your image.

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Promotional material

You can effectively communicate to your potential customers – many of whom suffer from coeliac disease or are gluten-sensitive – that gluten-free dishes and products from Schär are available in your dining establishment.


Schär Glass decal

Our display window stickers allow your guests to see at a glancethat you process Schär brand gluten free foods in your restaurant.


Schär table displays

Our three-dimensional cardboard displays bearing the Schär logo are perfect for placing on the tables or the bar in your restaurant, thus showing your guests that you also offer dishes for a gluten free diet.


Schär mini flags

The mini flags bearing the Schär logo are ideal for labelling your gluten free snacks and pizzas.


Schär breakfast basket

Even if floor space is limited, our small breakfast basket bearing the Schär logo is perfect for presenting portion packs containing your gluten free products.


Do you need
further information material?

Everything you need to know about celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and the specific challenges of a gluten-free diet in the hospitality industry can be found in our info section.