FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions

The Academy is an online platform for employees and management staff in the hotel and catering industry on the topic of gluten free cuisine.

The e-learning provides staff in the hotel and catering industry with content on the topic of gluten free. General topics around gluten and coeliac disease are taught first, before the specifics of the user’s role and channel are addressed.

Registration for the e-learning is required, otherwise your progress will not be saved. Furthermore, the kind of business and the user’s role in the company are important for the assignment of the relevant modules.

We want to offer each user tailor-made content (modules), which depend on the type of business and your role. For this reason, this information is mandatory.

The e-learning is completely free of charge for you.

To reset your password, please enter either your login name or your email address. If you are in our database, a message will be sent to your email address. There you will find information on how to proceed.

In order to complete the e-learning, you have to pass all modules.

Depending on the type of business and your role, between 10 and 12 modules must be completed.

Each module includes a video and a fact sheet on a specific topic (e.g. what is coeliac disease? which products contain gluten?). In addition, some modules have posters with important information that you can print out and hang up at your workplace.

In order to fully understand the content of the modules, we recommend you watch the respective video and read the fact sheet.

You can download the fact sheets to your device and watch the videos at any time.

To ensure that the content has been fully understood, an error-free completion of the quiz is fundamental. If you make a mistake, we recommend you watch the video again and internalise the fact sheet and then try the quiz again.

Yes, you will receive a personal certificate after completing the e-learning, which you can download at any time in your personal area. Although the e-learning has been developed in collaboration with experts from science and gastronomy, this certificate has no official character.

This certificate is valid for one year. We recommend that you take the e-learning annually in order to stay up to date and thus always be able to respond to the needs of your guests and customers in an optimal way.

As long as you are registered and logged in, you can interrupt the e-learning at any time and come back and continue later.

No, no one can see your progress or data on the platform.

The Foodservice department of Dr Schär AG/SPA, based in Burgstall, Italy, is responsible for the Academy. If you have any questions, please contact: foodservice.it@drschaer.com