The biggest selection of gluten free products for food service professionals

Whether flours and doughs, bread, pizza and pasta products, packaged foods, ready meals or desserts are of interest: Schär Foodservice gluten free products allow food service professionals to impress their guests suffering from coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity!

Hospitality sectors

The product range

A wide range of gluten-free products for the restaurant industry.

Schär Foodservice is the ideal partner for all hospitality industry professionals wanting to avail themselves of the new business opportunities to acquire new customers in the constantly growing gluten free diet market. 

Consider the fact that approx. 1% of the world’s population suffer from coeliac disease.
Added to that figure come 11% of the population suffering from wheat or gluten sensitivity and thus preferring to eat gluten free products. 

A varied range, including lots of different product categories, allows restaurant owners and caterers to satisfy the needs of their guests suffering from coeliac disease as well as gluten or wheat sensitivity at all times, thus engendering new customer loyalty due to a new-found enjoyment in eating out.